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Best Browser For Firestick And Fire TV (Updated List)

Amazon Firestick is the best tech for cord-cutters as it lets them stream all popular TV shows, movies, and web-series. Well, we all know that the YouTube app is not available on Amazon Firestick, and we need the best browser for firestick for accessing it. 

But there are a lot of browsers available in the market. So which one is the best?? If you are puzzled with the same question, then here is the answer for you.

In today’s article, we’ve evaluated the best browser for Firestick. Without any further buzz, let’s jump into the browser list.

List Of Best Browser For Firestick

1. Firefox for Fire TV

Firefox for Fire TV would be an excellent browser for your Fire Stick. You can directly search the websites and watch videos with this browser. You can also control your browser by your Firestick remote easily.

Firefox loads sites quickly, and it is an excellent browser for streaming YouTube on your Firestick.

best browser for firestick - Firefox for firestick

Moreover, with the latest update in Firestick, you can easily navigate through websites. There is a feature where you can pin down your favorite sites on the homepage, and then you can visit them without typing their URL again and again. You can also unpin the websites which come pinned by default, which is still a useful and rare feature.

However, Firefox doesn’t provide a lot of features. Most of the settings like search engines come by default and you can’t change them. But again, this is the best browser for firestick for those who need to stream videos.

But if you want a browser like Chrome, then you should skip it. 

2. Silk Browser

The silk browser is the best browser for Firestick in our list that is developed by Amazon. It is a great browser and perfectly adapted for Amazon Fire-Stick. It has all the necessary features like full-screen mode, bookmarking, etc. 

Silk Browser uses the Amazon cloud for computing, which makes page loading very fast. Plus, Amazon’s predictive technology can guess the web-pages you are looking for, which will again save your time. 

Bookmarking is also a handy feature on the Silk browser. You can easily pin down your favorite sites, and hence it will not need to type their URL again and again.

best browser for firestick - silk browser for firestick

Moreover, Silk also offers a lot of features. Silk’s Settings menu lets you edit the cursor, change your auto-fill preferences, choose the default behavior for passwords, edit privacy settings, change parental controls, and adjust site permissions also.

Thus in every way, Silk is a better option than other browsers in terms of speed and features. 

However, the Silk Browser routes all of your data through the Amazon cloud. This means that Amazon monitors all activities which you perform on Silk. However, amazon ensures that it will not use your data for illegal purposes. Moreover, it also gives you the option not to use its cloud feature. But in the end, it’s your call to use it or not. 

3. Opera Browser

If you have tried it in your android or desktop, you will be familiar with its amazing features and easy to use interface. 

Fortunately, it provides the same features in Amazon Firestick, and you will not regret using it for streaming videos or browsing the web.

It is one of the fastest browsers available on the internet. It opens pages with lightning-fast speed and adapts them according to your TV. 

best browser for firestick - Opera browser for firestick

It also offers all popular websites along with your most visited websites on the speed-dial.

It is a handy feature as it saves your time of typing URLs. Moreover, bookmarking sites is also very easy in Opera. You need to click on the heart icon to bookmark a site. 

In short, it is a package of amazing features and fast browsing. It would help if you tried it at least once with your Amazon Fire Stick.

4. Glance Browser

Glance is also a good browser for Amazon Fire Stick. It is built upon Web-view, the very engine that empowers the chrome browser of google. It is a very light-weighted browser that provides all necessary features to stream videos.

glance browser for firestick

Also, it claims that it never stores your data. So, it will be the right choice for you if you are concerned about your privacy.

5. RM Browser

Maybe you have not heard about it before. It is exclusively available on the Amazon App store. It has lots of amazing features, which makes it perfectly adapted for Amazon. It also gives all local news, weather, and accessible web pages at the start screen. You can also customize its start screen according to your will. 

best browser for firestick - rm browser for firestick

Plus, you will not be disappointed with its speed and privacy as it scores well in both of them. You should explore this browser at least once to test whether it suits your needs.


So these were all excellent browsers for Amazon Fire Stick. The Silk and Opera browsers are best for you if you need a complex browser with many features. But if you need a much simpler browser, then Firefox would be an excellent fit for you.

Plus, I would like to give you a tip. If you want to maintain your privacy and not reveal your browsing history to third parties, you should use a VPN. I will recommend ExpressVPN as it is a high-speed VPN optimized for streaming platforms.

This was all about the best browser for firestick. If you liked the article, please share it with your friends who need a good browser for their Amazon Firestick. That’s all for today. We will meet you next time with some other interesting and knowledgeable article.

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