Best firestick apps to stream all your favorite content

Are you using your firestick to the fullest potential? This is one of the most common questions among the firestick users. And most of the users are operating at less than 20% of their actual potential.

If you think your firestick is good for nothing, you will understand the full potential of firestick at the end of this article. Firestick is the simple device that connects to your TV and streams content from the firestick apps.

Firestick is fulfilled only when you install the right app into it. The apps you are using determines the potential of the firestick. So in this article, we will share some of the Best firestick apps you should install.


Before installing any of the best firestick apps, you need to follow some steps. By default, you can’t install a third-party application into firestick.  You can only install the application available in the store. So we need to sideload the application into the firestick. Follow the below steps to enable third-party app installation.

1. Go to settings

2. Navigate to Device Menu

3. Select Developer Options

4. Turn On ADB debugging

5. Turn On Apps from Unknown Sources

You need to follow these steps before installing any of the third-party application. Now select the app from our “Best firestick apps” list. Make sure to select the best application depending on your needs and supercharge your streaming experience.

Best firestick apps

Firestick allows you to install an android (APK) application. So the scope of apps used on firestick is drastically increased. You can easily install any of the android apps on firestick. This will open new horizons for firestick applications. Let’s see some of the best firestick applications.

VPN Apps

This is the first app you need to install on your firestick. You will be using Firestick to stream movies, TV shows, and other content. Streaming pirated content is illegal. So you need a VPN to hide your online streaming activity. IPVanish and ExpressVPN are the two top-rated VPN. If you are concerned about your privacy, VPN is mandatory. So grab it now. Setting up these VPN is a piece of cake! You can do it in 2 minutes!

Best Firestick Apps for Movies/ TV shows


When it comes to free movie streaming app, Kodi beats all the other competitors. Well, to be frank, these two apps are sufficient to make your firestick experience awesome. All you need is some patience! If you got that, you can stream any content on Kodi. Kodi is a treasure trove for you. New addons are released on a daily basis and it’s a new possibility to stream new content.

Well if you are hearing about Kodi for the first time, then its a free media streaming software. It allows the user to stream various content through the addons. Depending on the addon you are using for streaming, you can stream various content. For instance, you can use movie addons to stream Movies and music addons to stream music. Here is a detailed guide on How to setup Kodi on firestick. Make sure to try Kodi, you won’t be disappointed. We can vouch for it!

Cinema APK

As I said earlier, you need considerable patience to stream content with Kodi. If you don’t have patience or time, the further apps are for you. Cinema APK is a mainstream app for watching movies in high quality. It was released after the Terrarium TV and soon suppressed it with a wide margin. With a few thousand hours of content, you will never get bored with Cinema APK.

The contents in this app are regularly updated, with lots of tweaks. Though it doesn’t host any of the content, the streaming quality is as such the contents are hosted with them. Thanks to those super-fast scrapers for buffer-free streaming! You need to sideload this app since it can’t be installed directly.

Best Firestick Apps for Live TV

We all know, the arrival of firestick is the main reason for Cord-Cutting! Or we can put like this, Since the cost of cable is too high, Firestick arrived! It twisted the situation upside down. This act as the source for millions of user to cut their cord and switch over to firestick. You don’t need a subscription to watch Live TV on firestick. There are some free IPTV services available to watch the same content for free.

Titanium TV

At one point of the time or other, you might come across this term “Terrarium TV”. But sadly due to some issues, it’s not available. This Titanium TV is a replica of Terrarium TV. Both apps seem to use the same codes. Titanium Tv provides high-quality content with minimal buffering.  It’s a lightweight streaming app suits well for firestick, Fire TV stick, Fire TV Cube. It also has Real Debrid integration, which allows you to stream high-quality content without any buffering.

Morph TV

Morpheus TV was a famous application that allows the user to watch most of the Live channels across various countries. Due to a certain defect, the application was forced to shut down. Morph TV is the comeback version of Morpheus TV. It’s now improved a lot with amazing scrapers to fetch all the available content. It also supports Real Debrid Integration. Though Morpheus TV is still working with the already available contents. And it won’t receive any further updates. On the other hand, Morph TV is constantly collecting user feedback for better services.

Best Firestick Apps for Live Sports

Firestick will be good for nothing if it cant stream live sports or any such events. Fortunately, Firestick can stream live sports and other such payback contents for free. If you are planning to watch a Live Sorts on firestick, a VPN is a must. In most of the countries, streaming is illegal. So make sure to use a VPN before using these apps.


Mobdro is a direct competitor of Kodi. The usage and interface of Mobdro much simpler than kodi. You don’t need to install any addons like you do with kodi. It’s just a simple, open and play type app. This is the main reason behind Mobdro’s growth.  And the best part is you can directly download the apk file and sideload to your firestick.  Mobdro is a direct streaming application. So for safe and secure streaming, use a VPN like Express VPN or IPVanish.

Mobdro is also available for Kodi. You can download the apk file from the Mobdro official site. And it allows you to watch all the live sports channel without spending a penny. And the best part about using Mobdro is all the URL are auto-update and dead link are removed frequently.


Ckay TV is a US-based IPTV service provider. It provides movies, TV shows, Live channels, Kids channels and few. When comparing all these categories of channels, LIve TV content seems the best and its a cut out from the rest of the contents. Though the interface of Ckay TV is not good, the contents of this application are Ok. You can directly download the apk file from the official site.

How to install the Firestick Apps

So far we had seen what are the best firestick apps. Now we will proceed on “How to install apps on your firestick“. There are quite a few ways to install an application on firestick. But we will share the simplest of all methods. First, you need a downloader application installed on your firestick. This is an official app, you can find it by a simple search.  And click on GET, to install the application to your firestick. And follow the below steps to install the best firestick apps.

  • Open the downloader application from the home screen.
  • Enter the file URL of the apk.
  • Wait till the download completes.
  • Click on install.
  • Now you can access the application from the home screen.

Additional Information

This method will work for any app, as long as you know the URL. Now the next question will be, how to find that URL? Well, you can make one! Follow the below steps to make your own link to download the app.

  • Make a google search for your favorite apk and download it.
  • If you are using chrome browser, navigate to download section and copy the download link.
  • Go to the website (URL shortener to prevent entering long URL)
  • Paste the link on the site and shorten it.
  • Now you can use this link, to download the app on any of the devices.

These are the Best firestick apps. Though there are other apps, we think these apps are worth a try! and they will enhance your firestick experience. If you have any other app suggestions for Best firestick apps, do let us know in the comment section. We will test it out and update the list. If you are looking for our assistance, do comment or Contact Us.

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