Best VPN for Firestick 2021 + Complete Guide to Setup under a minute

In this article, we have tabulated the five best VPN for Firestick after comparing over fifteen different VPN service providers. We have considered over twenty major aspects of VPNs to shortlist the best VPN service. Some of the aspects includes Security, Data Encryption, Traffic Logs, Connection Speed, Number of countries & servers, Customer Support and Pricing.

This article also includes the benefits of using VPN on Firestick, setup guides and few special tweaks to access Geo-restricted content.

For now, have a quick look of the top five Firestick VPNs and subscribe to any one of the VPN of your interest. Once you have purchased, get back here to complete the installation and setup process

Best VPN for Firestick


Best VPN for Firestick
Best VPN for Firestick
Best VPN for Firestick
Best VPN for Firestick
Best VPN for Firestick

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256 Bit AES

Military Grade 

256 Bit AES

256 Bit AES

256 Bit AES

Money Back

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Why VPN for firestick is mandatory?

This is one of the primary question that tickles every Firestick user! Well, if you ask me this question, I would give a one word answer and that's "Freedom".

What?! Freedom?!?! 

Hell, yeah. Let me explain it a bit more. According to me, "Everything should be available for Everyone". And that's the Philosophy of Internet too. 

For an instance, what if someone restricts you to use smartphone only for 10 minutes a day?! Won't you be fed up! 

Likewise, we also have multiple restrictions on the content we stream over the Internet.

All the content over Internet should be available for everyone right? 

This is the reason why I have answered "Freedom". 

So the next question is, what's the relation between VPN and Freedom?

Few streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc have some restrictions based on your location. You can't access the TV shows / Movies of UK from US and vice versa.

These restrictions are made by those streaming services based on your IP address. So in order to access Geo-restricted content, you need to change your IP address. Here is where VPN plays the major role. VPN (aka) Virtual Private Network can mask your IP address and access contents of different countries. So that's how VPN provides full freedom to access Geo-restricted content.

There are a lot more benefits of using VPN on Firestick, which will be covered at the later of this article.

I hope, by now you are clear about "Why VPN is mandatory for Firestick?"

Free VPN vs Paid VPN

You might be thinking of using a free VPN service or a Proxy service. 

But one basic concept that you need to realize is that, "When something is available for free, it will definitely have some limitations". 

The so-called free VPNs are accessed by thousands of people and those VPN providers have a very limited number of servers. So when many people connect to the same server simultaneously, it will end up in a crash. You will receive very low bandwidth, as a result you the internet speed with suck. You will face buffering issues and won't be able to watch movies or TV Shows in HD. 

Moreover, few free VPNs and Proxy services do not provide proper encryption and it's likely for data leaks. And this voids the main purpose of using a VPN.

In addition to this, a free VPN might have malware. In 2018, a cryptocurrency miner named "ADBminer" affected thousands of Firestick and Fire TV using few loopholes.

To get rid of all these issues, make sure to use a paid VPN and enjoy streaming seamlessly.

Benefits of using a VPN

This is the next big question on a user mind? What are the benefits of using a VPN for Firestick?!

In this section we are listing out some of the most important features of using a VPN on Firestick.

1. Security
Your data stays safe with a good VPN. Most of the ISP logs the user data and some do sell these logs to advertisers. A VPN encrypts your connection and keep your data secure in such a way that your ISP won't track your data. Your online activity will be anonymous. With VPN services like  Express VPN and IPVanish, you can even bypass the government surveillance.

2. ISP Throttling
This is one of the major issue faced by the users from the ISP's. Have you ever thought "Why most of the high-quality video is buffering in the middle of the play?" This is mainly because your ISP is throttling your internet connection. And by using a VPN, you can bypass the ISP throttling. It will help you stream all the high-quality video without buffering. In some cases, like the first generation Firestick, hardware limitations might also be a problem. 

3. Access Geo-Restricted Contents
This is the main reason for the fame of VPNs. With a VPN you can access all the Geo Restricted contents. All the geo restrictions work on the basis of IP address. By masking your IP address with a VPN, you can access all the contents from different countries. With this feature, you can unblock Netflix contents, Hulu, Amazon prime, cinema APK, Kodi and many more. If you are a Kodi user, you would already have known the need for VPN on Kodi.

Features to be considered before selecting the Firestick VPN

Main features

There are a lot of things you need to look in before selecting a good VPN. We already did the hard work for you and tabulated the best VPNs for Firestick.

Here are some of the main features we have considered to shortlist the best Firestick VPN. 

1. Streaming Speed

Streaming a high-quality video requires good speed, but having a VPN to encrypt the connection can reduce the speed to a certain extent. But the quality of the VPN determines how much speed is reduced. A good VPN will encrypt the connection without any lack of speed. On the contrary, it increases the speed of the streaming by removing ISP throttling. 

2. Firestick supported application
By now, we all know that by sideloading a third party application may result in malware infection. So chose the VPN which has an official app in the Amazon store. By doing so, you can directly install the application from the store. You can find the installation guide for each VPNs in the upcoming sections of this article.

3. No Traffic Log 
ISP tracking is one of the main reason for using a VPN. What if a VPN service provider tracks your data? It's a total waste. So a good VPN should not track its user data. No traffic logs should be maintained. 

4. Encryption
This is the key feature to note before buying a VPN. The quality of the encryption determines the speed and performance of the VPN. Since you are using a VPN to keep your online activity anonymous, a data leak protection is much important. And it also secures your connection by encrypting incoming and outgoing data. We highly recommend you to use a VPN with 256 bit AES encryption or any equivalent military-grade encryption.

5. 24*7 customer support
This is one of the most underrated things when comes to selecting a VPN. If you are using a VPN for the first time, you should consider it. We will never know when a problem shows up. So we have to make sure the VPN provides instant support for their customers.

Additional features

These are some of the additional features which give a cutting edge to your VPN. So make sure to consider these features as well before selecting a VPN.

1. Money Back Guarantee

If you are using a VPN for the first time, then you should look out for a VPN with the money back guarantee. Sometimes, you might feel whether a VPN is worth it and a fear of losing money kicks in. In such case, if your VPN provides Money back Guarantee, then you got nothing to lose.

2. Parallel Usage

Most of the VPN allows parallel usage at the same price. Any device which is connected to the internet has a threat of data theft and throttling issue. So to unleash the full potential of other devices, you can use the same trick. What if you are allowed to use if free?! Awesome Right?! 

Yep, most of the VPN allows you to connect to VPN simultaneously on multiple devices. Depending on the VPN, you can connect 3 to 6 devices at the same time. 
And the best part is most of the VPN provides support across various devices for free. Just install it on your device, log in to your account to unleash its full potential. 

3. A vast network of server

If you are using VPN for a while, you might have noticed that each and every VPN services have their own servers. And then depending on the number of servers, the probability of unblocking geo-restricted content is high. So make sure to choose a VPN with a good number of servers and individual IPs.

How to Install a VPN on Firestick

By now, you will have a fair idea about the VPN and how it works. Now let's discuss how to install a VPN on various devices. For illustation purpose, we will share the steps of installing a specific VPN on Firestick and Router. You can follow the same steps for other VPNs. ExpressVPN allows three simultaneous connections. So you can install the same VPN on different devices to protect yourself from a security threat.


How to install VPN on firestick

There are two ways to install an app on firestck. Depending on the availablility of the application, you can choose any of the methods. You can directly install some of the VPN from the amazon store. If its not available in the app store, you need to side load the application. 

  • Direct Installation Method

This is simplest method of all. Just search for the VPN you want to install from the Amazon store. And click on install to install them. For instance, let us consider IPVanish VPN.

Best VPN for Firestick
  • Search for IPvanish with your Firestick.
  • Now select and download the application. 
  • Within few seconds, IPVanish will be installed on your Firestick.
  • You can now access the application directly.
  • Log in with your account to activate the services.

You can follow this method to install all the VPN which has Firestick App. And we highly recommend to give first preference to ExpressVPN and IPvanish, since these two VPN has a firestick support and they are optimized for it. To install Express VPN, Search for Express VPN and follow the same steps.

  • Sideloading Apk Files

This is the second method to install an application on firestick. To do so, you need to have the apk file in an accessible location. On your behalf, we had found an amazing way to sideload any application from your android device. You just need to download the apk and sideload it directly to your Fire TV via EASY FIRE TOOLS. Easy Fire Tools is an android application, that allows you to connect to your fire TV when connected to the same network.

Best VPN for Firestick
Best VPN for Firestick
  • Download the APK file of the VPN, you wish to install.
  • Install Easy Fire Tools on your mobile from the play store or app store.
  • Now open the application and select sideload from the left panel.
  • Here you can directly sideload any of the pre-installed app. Or you can choose an apk file to be sideloaded.
  • Before selecting the apk file make sure to connect with the firestick.
Best VPN for Firestick
Best VPN for Firestick
  • You can use the search option, to find and connect to your Firestick.
  • If its highlighted in green, the connection is successful. Or try the same steps again.
  • For instance, we are using NordVPN apk file. 
  • Select NordVPN from the downloaded location
Best VPN for Firestick
  • Now NordVPN will be installed on your firestick.
  • Wait for few minutes. And as soon as the installation completes, you will receive a notification on your firestick or  Fire TV.
  • Now you can access the NordVPN from the homescreen, and log into your account to setup the VPN on your firestick.

By this method, you can install any application on your firestick. You need to sign up for the VPN in their official site. And enter the log in details in your firestick to gain the full access to VPN features. If you are planning to install VPN on other devices, follow the below guide or you can skip to next section.

You can also follow the same steps to install any VPN on your android devices. And sadly this won't work on First genration firestick. The processing power of First genration firestick is low for running VPN and streaming at the same time. So you can't install VPN on it. 

Don't worry we got a special method for you. With this trick, you can connect any number of devices to the VPN. 


How to install VPN on PC

PCs and Laptops are the most commonly used devices for streaming with high processing power. So its is mandatory to protect these devices from the hackers. As we know, lots of malwares are infected to the system for mining cryptocurencies. Your user data is at risk! It might have some of the confidentail information. So make sure to install a VPN on your PC.

Best VPN for Firestick
  • Download any VPN from its official site. For instance, we are using IPVanish. Download the compatible version suited for your OS.
  • After downloading, run the application. Its a wizard based installation. So check for the details and click next.
  • It will be installed in three to four steps.
  •  Run IPVanish and select the country of your choice.
  • Select any server, if you are not leave it as the best server.
  • And click connect. Now your IP will be changed. And your connection is encrypted. 

Follow the same method to install any VPN. The interface may change but the method remains constant. And make sure to keep your VPN updated for maximum security. There are lots of VPN out there, most of the VPN provides support of all the major devices. 


How to install VPN on Router

This is the secret trick which we had been discussing earlier. Not all the VPN provides simultaneous usage. There are few VPN which provide only limited number of connections. In such case, we recommend you to install VPN on your router, so that all the outgoing and incoming data to the router will be encrypted and masked. And You can connect 256 device to a single router(technically). Only requirement is, your VPN should be compatible with router. Or you can purchase a pre-flashed router for your VPN.

If your router is compatible, you can easily configure it. In case if its not compatible, you need to change the firmware of your router. And the firmware used in this router are called stock firmware. You can also change the firmware of your existing router to a generic firmware like DD-Wart or Tomato. This method is only for the advanced users. 


So, I hope you would have realized the benefits of using a VPN for Firestick and have subscribed for the best VPN. If you haven't purchased one till now, just go ahead and do it. You wil thank me later ;)

If you have got some questions regarding the VPN or Firestick, then leave a comment below.