How To Cast To Firestick From Windows/Mac Pc, Android & Iphone

Firestick has created a lot of interest in it. Because it has an excellent variety of Apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, and so on. Not only that, all your photos, videos, etc. can be watched on the big screen. This is possible because Firestick is compatible with other electronic devices such as Windows? Mac, Android, and iPhone. In this article, you will find Cast To Firestick From Windows/Mac Pc, Android & Iphone. 

The process is very simple and not at all complicated. No additional wires or hardware is needed. So if you are a proud owner of Amazon Firestick, then you can do screen mirroring from your laptop to your TV, without using any cables or hardware. 

Steps – Cast To Firestick From Windows/PC

Cast To Firestick From Windows/PC

  • Press the home button on your Firestick Remote. 
  • A list of menu options will be shown on the screen. Select the Mirroring option.
  • From the notifications icon on the computer, click on connect. Please select the name of your Firestick, and that’s it. 
  • The devices will be connected and you will see a notification stating that the devices are successfully connected. 

One helpful tip is that usually by default, the computer screen will be accurately displayed on the TV screen. 

But there are other options such as the Extend screen and so on; wherein you can adjust the screen display. For instance, when Cast to Firestick from your TV, the display is on the TV screen as well as the computer. 

So if you want to display on the TV screen only and not on the computer, then you have to go to the Projection Mode. 

  • From there, select the Second Screen option. Besides, the screen resolution can also be adjusted for clarity. 
  • To stop the Cast to Firestick from TV, you can click on any of the buttons on the Amazon Firestick Remote and exit from screen mirroring. 
  • From the computer, on the notifications tab, you can click on disconnect and immediately the Cast to Firestick from the computer will be stopped. 

Steps – Cast To Firestick From Android Phone

Cast To Firestick From Android Phone

You can cast to Firestick from your mobile phone to TV. So if you are having an Android Phone, then there are two ways to cast to Firestick using the Android phone. The first method is as follows: 

  • The home button on the Firestick remote should be pressed for about 2 – 5 seconds. 
  • Immediately a pop-up window will appear. Select the mirroring tab and click on it.
  • Instantly the Firestick will start the mirroring window and your Firestick is ready to mirror the device. 
  • The second method is to select the settings tab on the Firestick and then move to the Display & Sounds Tab. 
  • From there, select the Enable Display mirroring and click on it. This will make the Firestick accept casting from other devices. It is ready to cast to Firestick from the Android device. 
  • Once the above steps are completed, now it’s time to move on to the Android Phone. From its settings section, the Bluetooth and Device connections should be clicked. 
  • After that, the screen will ask Connection preferences. Here select the word Cast, and then Firestick device should be chosen. 

Now your Android device is ready to cast to Firestick. One point that needs to be mentioned is that the Android phone and Firestick should use the same Wi-Fi network to cast. 

Steps – Cast To Firestick From iPhone

Cast To Firestick From iphone

When it comes to details regarding Cast to Firestick from iPhone, the following steps need to be followed. However, before that, an app called Airscreen should be installed from the Amazon App store. This will help in mirroring the device to your TV easily. 

This App is known as one of the best Firestick apps. There are many apps which allow to cast on to Firestick. But they are not free. The air screen, on the other hand, is free and is very good. So the procedure to Cast to Firestick is as follows:

  • From your Firestick or Fire TV, in the search icon, the Air screen word needs to be typed. 
  • When the word appears, it has to be selected by clicking it and then download it. 
  • Once the file is installed, click open and launch the Air screen by clicking on the button Start Now. 
  • The next step is to go over to Settings and from there to Device’s name. 
  • Here you can give a personalized name to your fire TV device. 
  • Once you enter the decided name, the next step is to click next and OK. 
  • Now from the iOS device, the Control center screen should be opened, and there the screen monitoring button should be tapped. 
  • After that, the Fire TV device should be selected and check marked. That’s all. 

The device is now mirrored on to the TV screen. So it is so simple and not at all complicated to Cast to Firestick from the iPhone. 

In the future, launch Airscreen and then by clicking on start, you will automatically be prompted for screen mirroring. Thus you can connect your device. One small hint is always to remember the streaming device name. 

This will help to sync while doing the screen mirroring quickly. Also, make sure that the Firestick and the computer or iPhone are all on the same local internet network. 

Wrapping Up

So, either by Windows, iPhone or Android you can Cast to Firestick and enjoy all the movies, TV shows, photos, etc. Simply follow the steps detailed above, which apply to your particular device. So as discussed in this article, various ways can be used to cast to Firestick from windows/mac pc, Android & iPhone.

By this whatever content is available on your phone or computer can be cast onto the TV and watched on the big screen for excellent viewing clarity and experience. So if you want to show your photos or videos which you might have clicked while on vacation to a big audience, then Cast to Firestick is the best and most efficient option. 

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