how to install directv on firestick

How To Install DirecTV On Firestick

Among all the best and live television content, Directv is the prime app, this app can also be utilized for firestick. It allows to watch the tv shows, latest movies and other entertainment programs. With a reasonable monthly price, you can have access to all your favorite tv shows.

It has more than 100 channels, movies and database which is available and can be easily accessed. Without the satellite connection or cable subscription, you can watch streaming on demand. Using the firestick device you can easily have access to any channel you wish to.

Since there is no annual contract, the subscription can be easily canceled at any time and the basic package includes sports shows, prime time shows, etc. The installation of DirecTV on Firestick is an easy and simple process since it is accessible on the Amazon app store and it can be downloaded on Firestick. 

Here, we will guide you with the right way to how to install directv on firestick. Even though the DirecTV is gaining its popularity and attention in recent years, there are several people who are still unaware of the knowledge about how it works. This can be an excellent alternative for satellite packages and cable as an option. It intends to restore the satellite subscription or cable with DirecTV.

It furnishes you with various channels and an extensive programming manual. The DirecTV Now will provide you the best live TV and on-demand topics at any time. It can be obtained on Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick and you will be able to watch the latest movies, shows, and other entertainment.

You will be able to get a quick entrance to the leading recreation contests from DirecTV on Firestick. It provides you with all you need, television without any treaties. Here you will find more information on the features and how to install directv on firestick. 

If you are looking for a live streaming app where you can watch all your favorite on-demand shows and live tv as well, then DirecTV Now is all you need. The monthly payment is affordable and you can watch all your live TV content through the firestick unit.

It contains numerous live TV channels which support the equipment and you will be able to stream the movies, sports, news, and much more additional content for an infinite time by utilizing the DirecTV Now on Firestick which is a subscription that is based on television services and which has no credit checks or no yearly agreements.

The customers can enjoy the live TV channels on DirecTV Now on firestick. This streaming app aids to watch entertainment on demand at a very reasonable price. 

With the DirecTV now on firestick, you can watch anything even if you don’t have any satellite TV connection. The live TV channel can be streamed relying on the subscription package. You can even join the streaming uprising that demonstrates very useful information about the shows and movies.

The DirecTV Now permits you to record all your favorite live concerts and watch them in the future according to your convenience. This can be made possible with the aid of free hours of DVR storage which comes along with the DirecTV now.

Amazing Features Of DirecTV Now On Firestick

  • You can effortlessly stream on-demand entertainment contents and also the live tv without cable connections or satellite at any time.
  • Use DirecTV now app to watch the newest games, shows, news, etc. 
  • You can select and stream your favorite concerts, other TV shows as well as numerous tv channels through this wonderful app.
  • Pay each month and get a free annual contract.
  • You are free to discontinue the subscription of the DirecTV Now on Firestick at any time.
  • Streaming the news, non-stop sports, prime time favorites,  and other content on-demand is possible.
  • Watch international TV connected to sports, news, hit shows, etc globally in English or Spanish.
  • Record and watch live shows later, even if you miss it.

Steps to Install DirecTV on Firestick

The process of downloading and installing the DirecTV on Firestick is a simple method since it is available on the Amazon App Store. By following the methods you will be able to easily install the DirecTV Now on Firestick.

  • First, you need to click on the Search tab after entering the home screen on Amazon firestick 
  • Type ‘DirecTV Now’ before you click on the search icon to get it in Amazon App Store.
  • Click on DirecTV Now to obtain it on your Firestick.
  • Click on the Get button, you will notice the downloading process of DirecTV Now on Firestick 
  • As the download gets finished, you will see the Open button, click on it.
  • Get unlimited access to all the amazing features of Directv just by signing up or logging in! 

You can also download the app using an Alternative Method that is Using Downloader. Do not be disappointed if you are unable to locate Directv in the Amazon App Store. Try other methods like sideloading to install this app. There may be some restrictions in the country you reside in.

So, if the DirecTV Now service is not available in your locality, go for the alternative method. You can still easily watch live TV, videos, and movies on DirecTV Now on Firestick.  


DirecTV Now on Firestick is a very good app for users who want to access the best channels at a reasonable price. The app is very simple and easily accessible, which can be the best substitute for traditional cable TV and satellites.

This can save a lot of money and has many features like a variety of channels to select from, no annual contract, competitive pricing, etc. There is also the latest DVR feature which gives you 20 free hour storage where you can record the video and watch it later at your convenience. 

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