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Best Fire Stick Ad Blocker And Installation Guide

If you are an amazon firestick user and are annoyed by watching ads repeatedly on your TV, this article is for you. In this blog, we’ve provided everything about the fire stick ad blocker. Let’s take a look at the blog to get rid of ads.

Ads can be very annoying while browsing online. These boring ads consume your time and make your site loading a little slower. Nowadays, you may have to tolerate many types of ads while browsing on your amazon firestick. It includes ads like pop-up ads, video ads, banner ads, and overlay ads. These ads take a toll on your internet speed and make your site loading slower. Plus, these ads cover your screen and annoy you the whole time.

But Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t offer any Ad-blocker on the Amazon Store to let its users get rid of ads. But Amazon Fire TV Stick is developed on the Android-based OS, and therefore we can download ad-blockers from third-party sources. And the best fire stick ad blocker is Blokada. It is not even safe, but also it’s completely free.

In today’s article, we will discuss every important detail about Blokada, and we will learn how to set up the ad blocker on Firestick. So let’s start without any delay. 

fire stick ad blocker

What Is Blokada?

Blokada is open-source Android-based software that blocks ads, malware, and trackers. It was started in 2016 to help Android users block annoying ads and eliminate malware and trackers. 

This app is best suited for Android-Based TV devices and it is also the best fire stick ad blocker. This app is entirely free for all of its users. Moreover, this app is entirely safe because it is an open-source software developed by many skilled and top-notch developers’ combined efforts. It has gone through many security-checks. Plus, anyone even you can look at its source code and see its working-algorithms; hence, it is 100% secure.

How To Install Blokada Fire Stick Ad Blocker

Installing Blokada ad blocker on Firestick involves two significant steps which are:-

  • Enable the option Apps from Unknown Sources in FireStick Settings.
  • Install the Blokada ad blocker on FireStick.

Enable the Apps from Unknown Sources 

Amazon Fire TV Stick as default doesn’t allow the installation of third-party apps such as Blokada. But you change these settings by following these steps. 

fire stick ad blocker

  • Go to the home screen of your FireStick and select settings from the menu bar. fire stick ad blocker
  • Now you will see a bunch of options, select the My Fire TV option from them.

fire stick ad blocker

  • Select the Developer Options option. 

fire stick ad blocker

  • Now you will see an option named “Apps From Unknown Sources.” 

fire stick ad blocker

  • Click on it and switch it on.
  • Now, a warning will display on your TV. You will also see two options, i.e., ” Turn On” and “Cancel.” Click on “Turn On.”

That’s it; now you can download the Blokada ad blocker on Firestick without any problem.

Steps to Install Blokada Ad blocker on Firestick             

Now the part comes where we will install and set up the Blokada app on Firestick. Just follow the below steps:

  • Go to the home screen and navigate to the menu bar. 
  • Select the search option.

  • Now type “Downloader” and click on it in the search results. 
  • Then you will see the downloader app to download third-party apps. 
  • Now click on the app and select “Download.” 
  • Open the downloader app after installation. Give it all permissions it asks for. 

  • Now a virtual keyboard will appear on your screen. Click on the clear option first to clear the text-screen

fire stick ad blocker

  • Type the “” in the URL section and click on “GO.”

fire stick ad blocker

  • It will now redirect you to the app’s browser section, where the official site of Blokada will load up.
  • Then go to the menu option in the top right corner of the webpage and select downloads from the drop-down menu.
  • Now various links will appear on your screen. Click on the latest one. The Apk file of Blokada will start downloading instantly. 
  • Wait until the file download.
  • Once the file download is complete, you will see a pop-up. Click on “install.” 

  • Wait until the installation process is over.
  • Once the app is installed, click on open to run the app.
  • If you reach the main screen of the Blokada, you will see text stating ad-blocking is deactivated. 

fire stick ad blocker

  • Now click on the “power” icon to activate ad-blocking. A prompt will show up soon. Click on OK

That’s it, Blokada is now running in your system, and all of the annoying ads will get blocked automatically. You will be able to enjoy your favorite videos without any problem.


Ads are the primary source of revenue for many apps, and there is nothing terrible in showing ads to users to keep the app free for them. But some apps go too far with it and keep showing ads frequently, which can ruin the user experience.

But Blokada can help you here by blocking all ad-websites once and for all. Blokada also works pretty well with the ExpressVPN. This was all about the Blokada and Firestick. If you liked the article, please subscribe to our website and share this article with your friends, annoyed by the ads on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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