amazon fire stick black screen

How To Fix Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen Error

When you see a black screen on fire tv as you boot your computer system or your Amazon firestick goes to sleep, you need to wake it by attempting these easy steps to Fix the Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen error. 

Get to know about certain insights and knowledge for the reason or its causes and the common remedies for this black screen error on your firestick. Primary measures to be taken for Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen. 

After startling the traditional cable subscriptions, the viewers need to switch to streaming recreation alternatives. There are various streaming service providers like Amazon firestick. They can be labeled as the most selected choices by the users. The total number of users keeps on increasing each day. 

Get To Know The Features Of Amazon Firestick 

  • The firestick appears with a tiny compact design, which is easily movable or portable. 
  • Many users want the portable surging players and this firestick satisfies their demands.
  • Any electronic device is inclined to hardware or software troubles.
  • The trouble occurs due to misuse of appliances or as a result of other external factors.
  • Firestick is obvious to encounter certain troubles, the black screen error is one among them.
  • It is generally known as the Amazon fire stick black screen error.

Error Fix – #1 – Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen Error 

When you see the TV scene is in normal condition, but you cannot shift or change the selections you may feel like you are stuck somewhere. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to troubleshoot the remote of the fire stick. 

  • Make sure that you have paired the remote correctly with your firestick device. 
  • Then you need to turn off your device, pull out the power cord from the firestick, pin it again or plug it and restart the appliance. 
  • Click the restart option by just using the remote and then press and hold the ‘select’ & ‘play or pause’ button at the same time for 5 seconds. 
  • Or you can even go to the home menu of the firestick, go to access the settings- device-and tap on ‘restart’. 

The firestick will get the power from the television, in some rare cases, as a result of some external factors the firestick will not be able to get enough power from the TV.

  • It would be useful to connect the firestick with the power source by making use of the USB power cord.
  • In case, you use the HDMI cable to connect the firestick to the power appliance, you can select the High-Speed HDMI cable which is available in the package than using the random cables.
  • You could even try binding your firestick to another HDMI input Port if you follow the steps that we just mentioned you will be able to solve the Amazon fire stick black screen error. 
  • Even if the firestick looks like it’s working fine, check out the manual to fix the fire stick Kodi which is not working.

amazon fire stick black screen

The fire tv needs mainly two cables, which are HDMI cable is one among them. 

  • Make sure that the HDMI cable is safely linked to both sides at either end that is the end which takes you to the fire tv and the other end of the tv.
  • The HDMI cable which seems to be impressive might be faulty which may end up in constant fire tv black screen when booting. 

The better option is to buy a brand new HDMI cable from Amazon store at a cost of 10 dollars. The Amazon fire stick black screen is the result of fire tv power cable. So it is highly recommended making use of the original power cable or power block which comes with the fire tv. 

Always remember a defective power cable is the main cause for the Fire TV blank screen error since the Fire TV requires a certain minimum Amps in order to launch the FireTV. Check out the buffer guide, if you find that your fire tv is continually buffering. 

If the tv is overheating, the strength of the wifi signal, electromagnetic disturbance, software issues may be the cause and lead to the buffering of your electronic appliances. Carefully fix all these issues by going through the buffer guide and always have sure to use the original power cable to stay free from Amazon fire stick black screen error. 

Error Fix – #2 – Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen Error 

  • If you still face the same issue, heed the secondary method like Select the right HDMI input which you have put in the fire stick TV menu, Try to connect using distinct HDMI cable extender.
  • Remove from the plug if there are any other devices that are connected to other TV ports. 
  • You need to keep on Pressing and hold on the ‘up’ & ‘rewind’ button on your fire stick remote for about five seconds which will fluctuate the resolution on your television.
  • When you stream a program in 4K Ultra HD resolution there are possibilities for the display flicker or black screen error. 
  • It would be better to wait for a few seconds till the loading is done. When FireTV has gone to sleep, all that you need to do is just wake it up by holding onto the “Back” button on the remote. 
  • You can also go for the Fire TV Remote Shortcuts. The fire tv will begin to interchange through various display resolutions. The light on tv will start to blink or change color. 
  • When it goes to the display mode press and select the button which will rectify the display of the amazon fire stick black screen error if it is in the video resolution mode. Set the fire tv to the default settings of the factory. 

At times, Kodi becomes drowned along with all its temporary files, so you will need to reinstall the Kodi and also need to install Addons once again to restart or restore the functioning of it.

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