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Firestick No Sound? Guide To Fix Audio Problems In Firestick

There are perhaps a few things more annoying than watching a TV show without sound. Even if you are watching your favorites like an anime subbed or a movie with the subtitles, it is not fun if you just view it without any voice. You need the perfect balance that is created with sound and video.

Unlike radio, where you can still enjoy a program through just audio, I would argue just video is not nearly as enjoyable. Anyway, I am not here to spark a debate instead provide you with a solution of what to do if there is firestick no sound while watching your favorites.

There can be multiple causes, and I will try to cover the most common ones. Getting no sound or a mechanical buzzing sound is not uncommon, so do not worry. It is easy to fix, and you can do it yourself, there is no need to ask for help.

How to Solve Firestick No Sound Error?

Solution #1: Restart the Firestick

Age-old wisdom always has some truth to it, and this solution right here only adds to the validity of that statement. Like your smartphone or computer, Firesticks too gets rid of whatever problem it is facing with a simple on-and-off. Sometimes, there is a temporary issue during connectivity or files uploading, causing the no sound in Firestick, so restarting the Firestick is the best way to go. It works most of the time and is certainly worth a shot if you have not tried it yet.

firestick no sound

Solution #2: Enable the Audio Receiver 

Television does not always have the best sound. Many times, most people prefer hooking it up with an external audio source like a home theatre. In a situation like this, you must ensure that the AV Receiver is powered on, and all of its switches are on and working.

Solution #3: Checking the HDMI connection of the Firestick

firestick no sound

If there is firestick no sound, then the issue could be caused because:

  1. Your Firestick might not correctly be plugged in. Try to reattach it and see if the problem persists
  2. Make sure that your Firestick Power is turned on
  3. There is a chance your HDMI port itself is the problem. So, try an alternate attachment to see if it is working
  4. Make sure that the HDMI extension cord is not loosely attached to the System

Solution #4: Change HDMI ports

Above, we suggest you check your HDMI port and if it is dead or it. If you have another port in your TV, remove your Firestick from the “dead” port and try attaching it to the new one and see if the problem is remedied.

Solution #5: Restart the App that you are using

firestick no sound

There is a possible situation wherein it is not your Firestick that is at fault, instead of the app that you are using. Sometimes apps can glitch or bug out on you and thus causing this no sound in Firestick. In that situation, you should restart the app and also reset the Firestick while you are at it. You should follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Home Screen and Select Settings
  2. Click upon Applications and then choose Manage Installed Programs 
  3. Choose whichever app it is that you are using and Force Close it
  4. Restart the app and see if the problem is fixed

Solution #6: Uninstall and reinstall the app you are using

A lot like restarting your phone solution, but with the app that you are using. For example, if you are using Youtube TV, delete the application and then reinstall it. If you don’t know how to do it, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Firestick TV Home Screen
  2. Click on Settings and then Applications
  3. Select Manage installed Applications
  4. Choose the application that you are using, Youtube TV, and then click Uninstall
  5. Search for the app and then reinstall it

firestick no sound

Solution #7: Make sure that the HDMI port is Audio Compatible

I feel like this is one of those things which goes unnoticed till someone points it. Well, here I am, pointing it out. Make sure that the HDMI port on your TV is Audio Compatible. If you are using one that isn’t, well, you are not going to get any sound out of that. 

To see if your port is Audio Compatible, you could always just google it or read the manual. Another thing you can do is see if the HDMI port with which the Firestick is attached says “PC,” “DVI,” or “Monitor.” If it does, well, that means it isn’t audio compatible. 

Solution #8: Update the software

This is an excellent habit to develop for everyone out there if you have a gadget that gets updates. Set them to automatic update and let it do its thing, or, in a case where there isn’t an automatic update feature, be sure to update it whenever the latest update gets out. Upgrades are…well, as the name suggests, updates. It’s the best and the latest the company has to offer.

The latest software will provide you with the best performance, and that intrinsically means you will have the least problems. Amazon sends out software updates time-to-time wherein the bugs and glitches they found or the users reported are addressed and fixed. To see if any updates are there, follow the steps:

  1. From Firestick TV Home Screen, select Settings
  2. Choose System and then click upon About
  3. Press the Software Version button and then click upon Check for System Update

Solution #9: Stop your Firestick from Overheating

firestick no sound

With a name like that, one would either expect it to overheat a lot or none. Well, it’s neither. If you are using a 4k Firestick, just like every other technology out there, it is vulnerable to getting a bit hot. If your Firestick overheats, then that could make one of the explanations as to why there is no sound in Firestick.

Old TV tends to radiate a lot of heat out from its ports, which causes the Firestick to feel like it is on fire. Thankfully the solution is cheap and straightforward. All you need to do is get yourself an HDMI extender cable. Plug-in your Firestick into the cable and keep it at a distance, and the problem is solved.

Solution #10: While using adapters or splitters, make sure all the ports are HDCP 2.2 Compliant

firestick no sound

Using HDMI splitters and adapters is not uncommon, yet it is one of the aspects that is looked over often. If you use adapters or splitters, you have to make sure that all the ports are HDCP 2.2 compliant. If even one of them is not, you will not get any audio out of your Firestick.

Solution #11: Renaming the input to “DVD.”

I am a firm believer in what works. There is no such thing as a “gimmick” fix. Admittedly, this is pretty gimmicky. Many users have reported that they have fixed their no-audio-issue by sampling renaming their TV input to “DVD.” This works because Firestick seems to more efficiently and comfortably read the ports that are named “DVD.” Why? I do not know, honestly. If it works, though, you got nothing to complain about.

Solution #12: Changing the resolution

I would not have guessed this could help fix the audio issues, but it does for many people. The Firestick, sometimes, lacks the power to run video at a higher resolution like 1080p while the Audio. So, it prioritizes the video and cuts the Audio out. All you have to do is change the resolution from 1080p to 720p, and it should be most likely works. Some users might have to change their decision using both the TV remote and the firestick remote.

no sound in firestick

Solution #13: Try turning off Dolby Digital Plus

Sometimes, specific settings can cause the Audio to go out on your Firestick. It is an easy fix, though. Just follow the steps given:

  1. From Firestick TV Home Screen, go to Settings
  2. In Settings, you will find Display and Sounds, click on that and then select Audio
  3. Then choose Dolby Digital Output and turn it off

Dolby Digital Plus works fantastically with a surround system; it enhances your audio experience; however, it makes sure that your surround system’s receiver supports it.

Solution #14: If you are using Amazon Echo, disconnect it

Amazon’s Echo Dot has been known to cause the no-sound issue in Firestick. So, if you are using an Echo Dot and notice no audio coming through, simply disconnect it and restart the System. If you are using an Echo, you are familiar with how it works, and all you have to do to discount is say “Alexa, disconnect from Fire TV.” Ahhh… technology.

Solution #15: Replacing current cables with optical ones

If you are using an external sound system, like a surround system home theatre, you can see an optical audio port. If it is present, try to connect the optical audio cable with your TV set using the external sound receiver can resolve the firestick no sound issue. To do so, all you must do this:

  1. Get your hands on an Optical Audio Cable.
  2. Connect one end to your TV and the other to your sound system.

Solution #16: The obvious but often goes unnoticed 

Well, at this point, most of the technical problems have been addressed. However, sometimes it is the simple solutions that work the best. 

  1. Make sure that all cables are working and all ports work. If they do not, well, it is time to open up that wallet.
  2. See that the HDMI cables are correctly connected, and all audio wires are plugged incorrectly.
  3. Remember the days of NES? Well, it’s time to apply to the old trick of using reverse connecter ends.
  4. Move your Firestick from one port to another. This one is a no-brainer; it is pretty evident what you have to do here. If one HDMI port does not work, try sticking your Firestick into another. (Solid relationship advice also).
  5. Low power or frequent power outages can also be a cause.
  6. Make sure that the volume on your TV set is not set to 0. If you use a surround system or external sound receiver, make sure that their volume isn’t at the lowest.
  7. In the majority of TV sets, there is a setting for TV speakers. That specific setting enables you to turn it on or off. Make sure that it is on and isn’t turned off.
  8. If none of the solutions works, it might be time to get a new Firestick provided nothing is wrong with the rest oF your techs like your speakers or TV.


That’s about all the possible problems you can fix firestick no sound issue by yourself if you are an average person with not a lot of technical knowledge. If none of the solutions above worked (we hope it did, though), you might have to call in someone for professional help or get yourself a new Firestick.

Though, if this article helped you out, I am glad as I understand how boring life gets without watching TV, and for an introvert like me, it is my primary source of entertainment. Anyways, I hope this article was of help to you. 

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