hulu not working on firestick

How To Fix Hulu Not Working On Firestick Error

Hulu is considered as one of the best streaming services for streaming online content. But at times, you might face issues while using Hulu through your Fire TV Stick. Let us now have a look at what might be the issues and how to resolve them, if Hulu not working on Firestick.


Hulu is an American subscription video-on-demand service that was announced in March 2006. It was launched for public access in the United States on 12th March 2008. Walt Disney Direct fully controls it to Consumer & International, a segment of The Walt Disney Company, and its majority stocks are owned by the same. NBCUniversal Media also owns it as an equity stakeholder. Hulu mainly focuses on streaming newer TV shows and its original movies or documentaries.



The Amazon Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s most cost-effective solution you can get for the Amazon Fire TV. It lets you have access to many streaming apps without any additional cost, all you need is Amazon Prime membership to unlock all the benefits of your Amazon Fire TV Stick. It lets you enjoy 4K and HD video streaming in a compact HDMI stick. The Amazon Fire TV Stick has a user-friendly interface that makes it a hit amongst people overwhelmed by technology. It also gives you access to Amazon’s cloud services, which allows you to upload your pictures and videos and view them on your TV. 


Below are some of the best techniques to solve the Hulu not working on Firestick issue.

Restart the Device

Restarting your device can solve many problems, including your issue with Hulu. All you need to do is remove your Amazon Fire TV Stick from your television and restart your internet router. Restarting your device helps it to reboot the device and fixes some of the issues.

hulu not working on firestick

Problems in the Connection

If there is a problem with Hulu, you must check your internet connection. For Hulu to work on your Fire TV Stick, you must make sure that your internet connection fulfills the essential requirement for Hulu to work. If these conditions are matched, then there might be some other issues.

In case, if you can’t be able to fix Hulu not working on Firestick issue with the above techniques, then follow the below steps to fix it.

Hulu is not in an up-to-date version

Sometimes the app might not be working if it is not updated. You must update the Hulu app regularly for smooth functioning. To update Hulu, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. You must go to the search icon and search for the Hulu app.

      2. Navigate using the remote and select the Hulu app. If there is an update available, click on the download option to install the updates.

hulu not working on firestick

       3. After the app is installed, you must open the app and log in.

You can use the steps mentioned above even when you get a “log in or restart issue” for the Hulu app. Still, the steps mentioned above do not work; you need to troubleshoot your Fire TV Stick. You must clear all the data and cache memory of your Firestick. 

Error Code Issues 

When Hulu stops working, the most common error message that is indicated is playback failure has occurred. Hulu provides you with an error code that can be pinned down and fixed quickly. When it doesn’t offer you an error code, all you can see is a playback error message. 

Error Code Issues

What Causes Hulu Playback Errors?

Hulu playback error occurs when the app cannot connect to the Hulu servers, or the Hulu servers are unable to provide a video stream. The playback error is usually caused due to issues in your device, software, or your internet connection. In other cases, the problem is caused by effects on Hulu’s end. It means when you receive a playback error message, and everything is fine on your end, the problem is with the Hulu server. If a playback error occurs from Hulu’s end, you can simply inform them to fix it.


Let us look at the steps you can follow when you receive a playback error message from Hulu.

Steps to solve the playback error message

  1. You must ensure that you have a fast internet connection as Hulu requires a fast internet connection. If the internet speed is slow, you may get buffering issues or playback error messages. Hulu’s minimum internet speed for regular videos is 3Mbps, and for live streaming is 8Mbps.
  2. You must restart your device and your network equipment. You must shut down and unplug your device and your network equipment. Plug-in your device and your network equipment after a minute and check whether the playback error message persists.
  3. You must switch to a wired connection if possible. You must try connecting your device with the router using an Ethernet cable. If the error doesn’t occur, then use the Ethernet cable to stream Hulu or place the router near your device.
  4. You must ensure that no other device is in connection to your router. When many devices are connected to your router, you may face issues with limited bandwidth. You must remove all the tools which are not required to be connected to the router.

If you still face the Hulu playback error after trying all these methods, then deleting or resetting the Hulu app may help you.  

Bottom lines

These are some of the most common methods you can use to fix the Hulu app’s issues when it is not working on your Fire TV Stick. If the problem persists even after following these steps, you must contact the technical support to help you. We hope this tutorial will help you when the “Hulu not working on Firestick” issue occurs. 

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