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How To Install Mouse Toggle For Firestick

Let’s learn how to mount Mouse Toggle for FireStick first. Know how to customize and use it later.

FireStick is a popular Android-based streaming platform that supports dozens of applications. The approved applications that are designed with the Amazon FireStick remote controller’s aid to use it on the bigger television screen. Most Android smartphone devices provide a hundred percent remote support on FireStick. There are other applications, however, that do not offer such assistance. 

All Android smartphone apps’ GUI is designed exclusively for touch-friendly contact and navigation. Even if you sideload applications like this on FireStick, you will not access them with your remote in full or in part. There may be certain parts of the software that the remote wouldn’t necessarily touch. 

Here’s where the Remote Toggle app comes in. This App lets you use a mouse pointer to navigate the touch-friendly apps. You may make the arrow appear at will, or vanish. Any time you like, you can switch between Mouse Toggle functions and standard remote functions. 

General Installation Instructions

You’ll need an additional application to install Mouse Toggle (or any third-party app, for that matter). Let’s get this done with the famous Downloader app. If you don’t already have it, then here is a step-by-step guide for how you get Downloader: 

  • Go to the home screen segment of the FireStick quest. 
  • Type “Downloader” (no quotes given) 
  • You can see the search results in the App. Tap here. 
  • You will now be driven through the remainder of the cycle by simple on-screen guidance.

Installation Instructions of the Downloader Application

The independent, third-party developers created the Mouse Toggle app and are not supported by the official Amazon Store. It means you need to sideload the device into your FireStick. Then, first, fulfill this set of instructions 

  • Go to the home screen FireStick / Fire TV setting and open My Fire TV

mouse toggle for firestick

  • Click on the Device option

mouse toggle for firestick

  • Now click the Developer Options tab 

mouse toggle for firestick

  • Make sure ADB Debugging and Hidden Sources Applications are ON

mouse toggle for firestick

  • This prompt is shown when you activate Apps from Unknown Sources. Click ‘Turn On’ 

mouse toggle for firestick

  • You can now sideload the Mouse Toggle for Firestick

Note: Don’t forget to let ADB debug or the Mouse Toggle feature won’t work

How to install Mouse Toggle for FireStick

  • Click the address bar on the home screen of the Downloader app (the section in which you are requested to access the URL) 

mouse toggle for firestick

  • URL Path: https:/ 
  • Click on go 

mouse toggle for firestick

  • It will take less than a minute to obtain Mouse Toggle APK (though it depends on your network connection) 
  • Scroll a little over the next window, and click Install 

mouse toggle for firestick

  • Wait for the update Installed from the App and then press Done. 

mouse toggle for firestick

  • You can later open the App 
  • You are now being redirected back to the Downloader site. Click Edit, and then press Save
  • You’ve successfully mounted Mouse toggle for Firestick.

Note: You delete the Mouse Toggle APK file in this step, which is no longer needed in your storage. Keep free space, whenever you can

How to set-up and install the mouse toggle for Firestick

  • Go to the home screen on FireStick.
  • Navigate now to Settings > > My Fire TV/Device > > Developer Options.

mouse toggle for firestick

  • Make sure Debugging with ADB is ON. To go back to the FireStick home screen, click the Home button on your phone. 

mouse toggle for firestick

  • The Mouse Toggle icon should be viewed in the category Your Apps & Channels. If it is not available, scroll to the right (while choosing the folder Your Apps & Channels) and click See Everything. 

mouse toggle for firestick

  • Both programs can be found here like Mouse Toggle. Then, you open it. 

Alternatively, you can enter the Settings > Apps > Manage Installed Applications > Click Toggle > Launch Application 

Make sure you allow the following options: 

  • Enable service with the mouse 
  • Start the mouse service automatically on the device startup (if this option is disabled, it must be enabled manually every time your FireStick is restarted)
  • When the mouse service is enabled and works, you will see the Status as started on the bottom-left. The App interface also allows you to access ADB Settings directly.
  • Now move on to use Mouse Click on FireStick. It is amazingly comfortable.

All you need to do is quickly press the twice on your remote Play / Pause button. This shows the mouse pointer on the television screen. The navigation keys on the remote (left, right, up, down) help you direct the arrow across the screen. 

If you don’t have to aim the mouse and choose to revert to standard remote features, click the Play / Pause button once and click some control key.

Mouse Toggle Not Working

You must ensure that the ADB Debugging is on. If it is still not working, you may try the following steps:

  • Go to FireStick settings
  • Click on My Fire TV
  • Go to Developer Options
  • Turn off ADB Debugging
  • Wait for a few seconds and turn it back on

This solution works almost every time.

In a few devices, you might need to change the display settings. You may follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to settings

mouse toggle for firestick

  • Click on Display and Sounds

  • Tap on Display

  • Go to Video resolution

mouse toggle for firestick

  • Select 1080p 50 Hz


Mouse Toggle for FireStick is an excellent resource if you’re going to use Android devices that aren’t completely compliant with the phone. There are many exciting applications that you wouldn’t want to skip just because they’re not remote-friendly. In this scenario, Mouse Switch is the right solution.

This lightweight software runs in the background, and when you need it, you can call the mouse pointer. I guess anyone who uses FireStick must have the application, owing to its high utility.

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