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How to reset firestick to its default in one click

Amazon firestick has become a popular streaming device over the years. It has changed the Home Entertainment drastically. But there is one big problem with all streaming devices. So if you want to solve this problem and make your firestick work like brand new, resetting the device is a great option.

They have very little storage which is as low as 8GB. Due to this the memory fills up quickly and causes slow response and malfunctioning of the device.

Firestick Resetting is very simple. You can reset your firestick in less than a minute. But if you have a second-generation firestick, you can easily add a Memory Card to increase its storage capacity. But at the end of the day, fire Stick is a device with an embedded operating system which means you can always expect a glitch. So it is always better to know the resetting procedure beforehand.

A word of Caution: Resetting your firestick will make your firestick a completely new device. The Wi-Fi credentials, Amazon Account Credentials and any customization you made will be gone. You have to download all apps again your firestick. Simply your firestick will function as if you are plugging it for the first time.

How to Reset Firestick TV:

1. Open Settings in the main menu

2. Select my Fire TV

3. In the list of options that appears, click Reset to Factory Defaults. A confirmation screen appears, click Reset.

4. The Reset process starts and a screen similar to this appears.

5. After some time, your firestick will reboot automatically.

6. Next, you have to connect to your Wifi and login to your Amazon account.

Using Fire TV Remote:

Sometimes, your firestick can become too messy that even your screen will freeze. So another easy way to reset your firestick is by using your firestick remote.

To initiate the reset process using your remote, press and hold the right button and back button at the same time. Hold it for a while and follow the onscreen instructions to reset your firestick.

Use another Remote:

If your remote doesn’t work try using your friend’s remote. Sometimes a different remote might work and you can reset your firestick. Just pair the remote your firestick and you are good to go.

Reset firestick without remote:

There might be situations where you will have no remotes to reset. In such scenarios, you will find almost impossible to reset your firestick. But luckily firestick users have an option. Firestick has a separate app for both Android and ios.

Now Download your app on your phone and connect the device with the same wifi your firestick is connected. Enter the four-digit code that appears. Now you can use the app to control the firestick like a remote. Now head on to Settings and choose Reset to factory defaults.

Using your TV remote:

You can use your TV remote to control your fire TV with HDMI-CEC. All you have to do is enable CEC settings in your TV remote. CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control.

Final Words:

So these are some of the methods to reset your firestick. We have listed some of the easiest ways to reset in different worst-case scenarios. Hope this article helps. Try these methods and check which is working for you. If you know any other methods to reset your firestick, comment them below so everyone can get benefited.

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