How To Download & Install SO Player App On Firestick

You might be wondering, what is SO Player and why should I have it on amazon Firestick. The SO Player app is free to download that provides IPTV or OTT platform. Its competitor is NoraGO and in many ways is better than that app. The function of SO Player is that it manages live channels, radios, video-on-demand content, catch up TV and Electronic Programming Guides.

In order to have this app work, you’ll need it’s compatible device counterparts such as Amazon Fire TV/Cube/Firestick, Mag Box, NVIDIA Shield, Apple TV, IOS Devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphone), android devices (TV box, tablet, smartphone) and computers (Windows or Mac). The beauty of SO Player is that it is compatible with most devices compared to NoraGO.

Don’t be confused because this isn’t an app that has features of live channels, tv shows or movies. The purpose of the app is to deliver the content to the users. You must enable your internet protocol TV provider so that you may turn on SO Player on Firestick.

In this article, we’re going to be providing an in-depth step-by-step tutorial for you to follow along so you can download the SO Player on Firestick.

Installing SO Player on Firestick and Fire TV

Step 1: First head over to the downloader app on your firestick device. To find the app, simply go to the search bar and type in the downloader. Once you’ve typed it in, it should appear suggestions and click on Downloader.

Step 2: Once it is downloaded, you can hit the home button from your remote or go back to the home menu on your firestick.

Step 3: Next go to Settings and find the My Fire TV button and then click on Developer Options inside your firestick.

Step 4: Once you’re there, go to Apps from Unknown Sources and click turn on. A warning message may appear telling you that your device may be less secure, but simply click turn on after the message is displayed.

Step 5: Next you’ll want to find the “Your Apps & Games” tab. From there you should see a downloader app, so you can click on that.

Step 6: On the left side, there should be a sidebar panel where you should see settings. It will be the 5th option button under Favorites. From there, you’ll want to check the boxes that appear if they aren’t already. You’ll see a URL box and type the URL given here. This is the URL to the file of the SO player apk:

Step 7: Once that’s complete, click the go button and you’ll begin installing the SO player apk file.

Step 8: Once the downloading process has been completed, a new window will appear. You can tap on the Install button to begin the downloading process. Once finished, simply just tap on the Done button to be directed back.

Step 9: Go to your Home button by tapping it on your remote.

Step 10: Go to your Apps & Games and the SO Player app should appear. Launch it and enjoy its amazing benefits!

Just as a side note, now that you have the app completed installed, you can delete the apk file to reduce the amount of memory that this takes up. Firestick unfortunately only has 8gb of storage so you’ll want to keep your memory afloat.

If you’re someone who uses IPTV or OTT then downloading the SO Player app is required. With subscriptions such as IPTV, you get a live TV with over 3500 channels, amazing channel quality, electronic programming guide, a beautiful user interface, a catch-up DVR and video on demand.

When it comes to using SO Player and an IPTV service, it’s much better than having a clunky cable-based subscription, which you’ll likely have to be locked in for a year. Furthermore, it lacks the ability to customize the channels and tv packages you get.

Using a SO player app and IPTV gives you access to greater channels and an array of live streaming options that a simple cable box can’t. Furthermore, it’s completely free to download the so player app. Now then, if you’re sold, we hope this article helps you get started by signing up for SO player and download SO Player on Firestick.

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