How to update Firestick to the latest version within a minute

Check this out! You might be in danger! Recently Firestick community is alarmed with a bug in the firestick, which uses the device processing power to generate cryptocurrency. It is one such example in which the problem was detected. There are cases, where the bug is not even detected.

The main reason behind this security breach is the negligence of the user- Amazon Stated. And they also shared, allowing third-party apps on the firestick is the main reason for the breach. In this article, we will describe why you need to update firestick? and why firestick update is mandatory?

update Firestick

Without third-party apps, we are not using firestick to its fullest potential. We are missing out some major entertainment. So we ought to use third party software and keep the firestick free from bugs. Keeping your firestick update is the only way for this. Keeping your firestick updated helps you to bypass such issues.

Update Firestick in three simple steps

You can easily update Firestick in three simple steps. Most of the cases Firestick will update automatically. But make sure to use this method on a regular basis to update your Firestick regularly. Follow the below steps to update Firestick under a minute

  • Go to settings > My Fire TV/Device
    update Firestick
  • Go to About > Install System Update.
    update Firestick

That’s all, it’s not big rocket science! You can perform these steps within a few seconds. Make sure to check for the update frequently. So that you can protect your device from malware and threats.

Why Updating Firestick is Important?

Now, you might be wondering why I need to update firestick manually when there is an automatic update? There are different types of updates like small tweaks for performance, beta update and alpha update. In some cases, the beta update is failing. And its always better to look for the new update to keep your device at the optimum performance.

update Firestick

Besides, an updated Firestick will allow you to have a hustle free experience while streaming your favorite contents. In some cases, updating Firestick to the latest version can reflect in the performance. If you are using Kodi on firestick, make sure to keep your firestick updated. Probably you can avoid a lot of the errors just by keeping Kodi and firestick updated.

These are the steps to update Firestick. Hope the tutorial is informative and clear. If you are facing any issue, do let us know. We will be glad to solve your issue.

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