Vudu on firestick

How To Install Vudu On Firestick

Are you avid to know about Vudu on firestick? First, let’s know about Vudu. If you’re a fan of video streaming and live television then, you must know about Vudu. Vudu is a digital video-on-demand service that has been around for a decade. It allows you to rent or buy movies from home with a few clicks of a button.

What’s unique about Vudu is they have tons of recently new releases fresh out of the theater, so you won’t have to wait long until it hits the Vudu library. There’s “still in theaters” section that many fans enjoy watching. You don’t want to pay for every single movie or might be lazy to head down to theaters. Why not just watch these in your personal home theater?

Why Vudu?

There’s a little bit for everyone. If you’re a viewer who wants to save money, then there are plenty of free options to select as well that are way better than the stuff you’d find on the internet without watching illegally.

The way that Vudu works is that it’s separated by the Movies, TV and free content. There’s also a deals section so you can find some of the best value movies as well. You’ll even have the option to choose the video quality of your choice as well.

Obviously, for newer releases, the Ultra HD will cost more than the standard definition, but it’s still great that you have the option to choose. The advantage of paying is that you won’t see the ads that pop up in between movies. We all know that ads are just very cumbersome especially in the middle of a thrilling movie or show.

Overall Vudu on firestick has 3,400 free movies and 248 tv series, so there’s plenty for everyone. To download Vudu on firestick, you’ll need a third-party service since Vudu isn’t available in the Amazon Play Store. Follow the guide below so you can learn how to download Vudu on firestick.

Downloading Vudu on firestick

Step 1) Go to your firestick home. And find the settings button. Next, you’ll want to tap on Device. Afterward, you need to go to Developer Options. From there a warning message will appear and simply select Turn On.

Step 2) Now you have enabled the ability to download and access third-party apps. Go back to your firestick home and click the search bar. From there you’ll type in downloader and open the downloader app.

Step 3) Once the downloader app is open, paste this URL link into the URL section.

Step 4) From there scroll down to select Download on the latest APK’s option.

Step 5) From there a Vudu on firestick option will appear and click install.

Step 6) Now you can have the app installed.

Step 7) To find the app go back to your firestick home. And go to settings. Then you want to click on Apps & Games. Find and select the Vudu option.

Step 8) Once open you will see all the available media content such as movies, TV series, live tv and more!

If you want to know more about Vudu, simply check out their website for more details.

Vudu is a Walmart app that allows rental payments for each entertainment media content. You have the option to rent or buy the media content of your choice. Having options is great because many of us don’t care about buying the movies and watching it over and over unless it’s our favorite movie of all time.

If you enjoy the Live Tv aspect, then you can go to the guide includes and select the channels available. This is better than buying your bulky cable tv packages that lock you in for 6 months, 1 year and even longer! To give you an idea, the pricing of the rental payments start as low as 99 cents to $8. And the movie purchases usually start at $14.

Also, something to keep in mind, do try to get a VPN setup that hides your identity to protect you from potentially any hacks or viruses. Since you are allowing third-party apps you can be susceptible to outside threats.

Overall we hope you found this tutorial easy to follow and now you can enjoy Vudu on firestick.

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