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How To Watch MLB On Firestick For Free?

In this guide, I will tell you how to watch MLB on Firestick for free to stream the latest content. Major League Baseball, more commonly known as MLB. 


Major League Baseball is one of the oldest and most beloved major league sports in Canada and America. Now, I am not saying there are no fans of the MLB that live outside of North America, merely that it is the home-place. A lot like how cricket is for England and India. 

Why MLB on Firestick?

The Firestick is a blessing for all the streamers out there. It can also stream sports, including MLB. So, we do not have to depend upon television channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, MLB Network and TBS in the United States and Sportsnet, TVA Sports, TSN, and MLB Network in Canada. If you have a Firestick, you can stream MLB live no matter in which country you are. If, say, you are in a Geo-blocked country, there is a workaround.

All you must do in that case is to apply a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Find out where channels that are broadcasting MLB are located (usually they are in the United States or Canada) and Change your location to that place. 

So, let me outright say this, there is no way to watch the MLB for free on a firestick… legally, at least. We do not condone any illegal, 3rd party applications. However, there is a way to watch it for free for a specific duration of time. I will not beat around the bush much, the method is Free Trials, and we all know how they work.

MLB on Firestick

Multiple channels let you stream the Major League Baseball on a global scale (and use the VPN) if they are in your country, use the VPN). The following are the channels that will be streaming:

  1. MLB TV
  2. YouTube TV
  3. Hulu Live TV
  4. Sling TV

Let’s begin with the original and one I would recommend you use: MLB App.

How to Watch MLB on Firestick for free


Wondering how to watch MLB on Firestick for free? MLB.TV is the official app for MLB. This American audio and video service provides Baseball fans with access to games at a high quality. Subscription to the MLB.TV will allow you to watch the live feed, in-game highlights, out-of-market games, stats, and many years’ worth of regular and post-seasonal archived games. However, for subscribing to MLB, the official MLB app will cost you $24.99/month ($121.99/year), which is a bit hefty, no denying that, but it is what it is. 

mlb on firestick

If you are willing to spend a bit extra, about $2.99/mo, you can get the MLB Audio subscription. MLB Audio offers you some perks like being able to get the broadcast in multiple languages like English and Spanish. It gives you the ability to add closed captions and listen to commentaries done by local radio channels.

How to watch MLB on Firestick for free using MLB.TV App

Go to the Amazon App Store and search for the MLB app. You will recognize it after seeing their logo, click Get, and it will start downloading.

  1. Go to this website, choose the plan that suits you the best.
  2. Click on Free Trial and then Sign-up.
  3. Enter your email, password, date of birth, and then click Register.
  4. Enter your billing information and select your payment method (Credit card / Masterpass / PayPal).
  5. Click Buy & Accept Terms, then complete the payment process.

Since you chose Free Trial, you will not be charged until the trial session has expired, which it will in 7 days. After that, if you wish to continue using, you are going to have to pay.

I recommend using the official app, but I also can admit that the price is rather high and, for some, to spend that much for a single source of entertainment is not possible. That’s where the other streaming channels come in. 

2. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a V streaming service that includes live TV, a fantastic alternative to MLB.TV. Most because it is much more versatile. It isn’t exactly “cheap,” I mean, the plan you would need to watch MLB games costs about $49.99 for a monthly subscription. However, that versatility point I made earlier is what makes it somewhat worth its money. YouTube TV offers you 70+ TV broadcasts from cable, the sports network, including FOX, CNN, ABC, Disney, Cartoon Network, National Geographic Channel, Discovery, and more. Another perk is it offers the ability to record your shows and games onto a cloud-based DVR for up-to nine months. So, if you wish to watch MLB on Firestick, get YouTube TV. 

mlb on firestick

How to watch MLB on Firestick for free using YouTube TV

  1. Go to Search and type YouTube TV.
  2. Under Apps and Games, you will find the YouTube TV icon. 
  3. Click on Get and let it install.
  4. Go to the official site.
  5. Click upon Try It Free
  6. Log in to your Google account, enter U.S Pin then Submit.
  7. Choose the plan that suits you the best and select any Add-ons if you wish. Click Next.
  8. Verify your payment method and purchase the plan.

You will get a seven-day free trial period, and you will be charged after it ends if you wish to continue using it. You can also cancel your subscription in that time frame if you want not to use the app any longer and not get charged.

3. Hulu TV

Disney-owned OTT streaming service Hulu is another streaming service that covers the scheduled Major League Baseball season. Just like YouTube TV, Hulu offers you multiple channel access. It gives you 65+ channels and sports channels required to watch MLB like ESPN, FOX, FS1, TBS, and many more channels. Two simultaneous screens and 50 hours of free cloud DVR storage can bump up to 200 hours by purchasing the Enhanced Cloud DVR add-on, which costs $9.99 extra. Even you can get Hulu + Live TV subscription, which will cost you $54.99/month. 

mlb on firestick

How to Watch MLB on Firestick for free using HULU

  1. Select Search from the top of the main menu bar, and enter “Hulu.”
  2. In the Apps & Games, you will find the Hulu App.
  3. Click upon the download option.
  4. Go to
  5. Click upon the Start Your Free Trial button.
  6. Choose the subscription/plan that suits you the best.
  7. Fill in your name, email, and all the required information, then click Continue.
  8. Select your payment methods, fill in the Billing information, and then press Submit or Continue.

You will get 7-days worth of free subscription, and until the subscription periods exist, you will not be charged. Afterward, if you wish to continue using their services, you will have to pay for your chosen plan. Now, you can start watching your favorite shows for free whenever you wish.

4. Sling TV

Sling TV is another streaming service in our list through which you can watch MLB on firestick. It is one of the most affordable, cordless options to enjoy your favorite shows and channels. Instead of paying for even those channels that you do not want, Sling TV lets you customize and pick out the channels that you desire, and it is a great pick to watch MLB also.

You can record 10 hours of live TV for free using Cloud DVR, which you can bump up to 50 hours with a small extra price of  $5/month. They offer multiple plans like, for example, their cheapest plan, the “Orange,” gives you access to ESPN, ESPN2, and TBS at $20/mo, while the “Blue” plan gives you Fox, FS1 and TBS.

However, neither of them offers you the MLB Network. So, what you can do is get the Sports Extra add-on on top of your base package to get multiple channels and watch all the games. This add on will cost you $10.00 extra each month.

mlb on firestick

How to get Sling TV outside the US

Sling TV is an OTT online live TV service owned by the Dish Network and is very popular and based in the US. That is why if you live outside of the US, geo-restrictions make not non-accessible. Thankfully, this problem is straightforward to bypass. All you need is a VPN that connects you to a server located in the US, and that will protect your IP Address and unblock Sling TV. 

How to watch MLB on Firestick for Free using Sling TV

  1. Search for “Sling TV”
  2. Under the Apps & Games section, click the Sling Television logo
  3. Click Download or Get and then let it finish.
  4. Launch the App, and now it is time to sign in.
  5. Go to and click Start Watching Now.
  6. Fill in the required information and then click Register.
  7. Pick the subscription that suits you the best and complete the payment.


I hope, now you come to know how to watch MLB on Firestick for free. This guide should have provided you with all the information you would require to watch MLB on Firestick. There are many options; hence, pick the best one that falls to your budget. Anyways, I guess I helped with better options for you. Go sports!

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